Asian Experience Tours Can Show You Exotic Pattaya


Tour the Adult Nightlife Entertainment Centres of Pattaya Thailand.

Follow the Nsane camera crew as they stroll from one end of Pattaya’s famous Walking Street to the other. You will be able to see all the clubs, bars, women, and of course Lady Boys, all who want your attention and money! This is part 1 so be sure to check out part 2 and also the Nsane family of websites like Nsane and Hot Cars and Hot
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Pattaya Walking Street Thailand Part 1 (2013)

Title: Pattaya Walking Street Thailand Part 1 (2013)

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10 Responses to “Pattaya Walking Street Thailand Part 1 (2013)”

  1. Marcus Cambrand says:

    The last thing I want to see anywhere are russians…

  2. nvu1972 says:

    Yo… whats the name of this track. Its dope!

  3. Kennie MusicLovers says:

    Must visit The Pier Disco Club ? next trip to Pattaya …. where…end of
    Walking Street ?

  4. lea smith says:

    Well,and keep up with me here.It,s a street and you walk along it

  5. Dio X says:

    Pattaya is Taken Over by Russians – Discos, Clubs, Restaurants, Bars …..
    everywhere you see Russian Language and Russian People – Its not the way it
    used to be Period ! The Thai Spirit of Friendship and Joy is Quickly Fading
    Away thanks to the Russian Invasion !

  6. Kennie MusicLovers says:

    when was this video taken ? ….looks not that crowded ? low season now ?

  7. jim becker says:

    “Walking Street”! huummm! How did you ever come up with that name?

  8. Percy Shaw says:

    Check out my song about Walking Street called “Walking Street” THANKS! 🙂

  9. Ashok Jana says:


  10. david benard says:

    ok i would make sure to visit those places and i memorised all the names!!